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The Data Digest
Hey Friends! Welcome to the new Data Digest!
I’m excited to bring you even more Data Science Gems. It’s been a while and I’ve been meaning to catch up. I’ve been away on somewhat of a digital detox to get me out of the rut I’ve been in. Thankfully I feel re-energized and far less burnt out. What this means for you is a ton of new content. So let’s get to the fun stuff…

AI Ethics Non-Profit Ecosystem: Where are the Black Folks?
Bad AI 👾
The Chronicles of AI Ethics: The Man, The Machine, And The Black Box
ML Concept of the Week
Feature Engineering
How to Engineer Features and How to Get Good at It
The Art of Feature Engineering for Data Science
Learning Resources
Jobs in ML 💰
Many people interested in careers in Data Science want to use their superpowers for good. By working in responsible technology you can have more job fulfillment and ensure some ethical standards within your work.
Careers in Responsible Technology
Senior Data Analyst at Wikimedia Foundation
Discounts & Freebies 🤑
How To Deploy Machine Learning Models
Half Off Hoodies - 'TDD50'
What I've Been Up To
I was recently on an episode of the Super Data Science Podcast as well as leading a keynote at the Women in Analytics Summit.
SDS 449: Fairness in A.I.
SDS 449: Fairness in A.I.
WIA Keynote
WIA Keynote
Supervised Learning Essential Training Online Course
Data Science Work is Uncomfortable — Get Used to It
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